SGA evaluates its fall semester progress

By: Andrew Koch

As the semester comes to a close, members of Student Government Association (SGA) evaluate the progress it has made this semester.

SGA President junior Drew Dziedzic, Legislative Vice President senior Markus Lasky and Administrative Vice President senior Keenan Collins recently released an update on the progress their administration has made.

As part of their goal for improving communication between the administration and students, the Executives created the Xavier Student Weekly email with University Communications that delivers news messages to all students each Monday morning.

The Executives have also developed a new mobile Xavier app which includes student information on class registration. According to an open letter written by the SGA Executives, the Xavier app will eventually allow students to register for classes. The SGA Executives have also made progress in establishing more campus traditions.

They hosted the first annual “Light the Campus” event on Nov. 21, in which over 250 people from the Xavier community came together to hang and set up Christmas lights around campus. They have also established the “1831 Week” of student traditions, another of their platform goals. It will take place Feb. 1-8 and feature a number of events designed to celebrate the Xavier community, including a campout before a Big East men’s basketball game. In addition to these projects, the Executives are continuing to work on other campaigns next semester, including hiring a new vendor for campus evening shuttles and finding new places on campus for students to host events.

“We hope to continue (to) develop as leaders, serve our fellow students and have a positive impact on the university,” the Executives said in an open letter to the Xavier community. In addition to the executives, members of Xavier’s Senate have been working on a number of projects this semester.

As discussed in the Newswire’s previous SGA update, student Senators successfully campaigned for a color printer in the Conaton Learning Commons and hand sanitizers in certain buildings around campus. In addition, student Senator first-year Andrew Redd has been working on a project that will grant students medical amnesty when seeking emergency aid for another intoxicated student. This updated policy will allow students to seek medical attention for dangerously intoxicated underage individuals without fear of being punished.

Redd will host an event on Jan. 28 to educate students on the policy featuring a speech by the parents of a high school student who died of alcohol poisoning after his friends refused to call for medical assistance for fear of being punished.