Ryan’s Pub set to open in February

By: Gina Carfagno ~Staff Writer~

The future of Ryan’s Pub has seemed unclear to many around Xavier’s campus. Now, the pub is under new management of Tom Barlow of Auxiliary Services and managers Beverly Centers and Ron Bistany and is set to open in February.

Centers and Bistany have worked together for 28 years, managing 20 Subway stores, two Hot Head Burritos and now Ryan’s Pub.

The pub will be student employed, and although current employment quotas have been met, applications are always accepted.

“It is important that we reiterate that we are always looking for student interest, so far we have only employed people from Xavier,” Centers said.

The pub is to take on a new life different from the previous ownership, as changes have been made to Ryan’s menu, design and theme.

Ryan’s will be a sports bar café, an idea developed by Bistany, offering late night pizza delivery on campus available until 1 a.m. Students will be able to pay with X Cash or Dining Dollars over the phone so that students delivering will not have to carry money on them.

Due to the tie with Subway, sub sandwiches will also be available for delivery on campus. Ryan’s has also added DirectTV so that they can offer more sports, as well as a jukebox that allows students to download songs for an extra credit if it does not already have the tune a patron wants.

Ryan’s Pub is set to re-open on campus in February after many changes.

Ryan’s Pub’s beer selection will consist of local breweries for the tap and more standard brands for bottles. Club Sports have played a role in the décor of the pub with jerseys lining the walls and tables.

The clubs were asked to design them and will compete against one another for best decorated table for a to-be-determined prize.

“The tables are a living bulletin board, each club has a table they can put their schedule into and update with newer pictures,” Barlow said.

“The ceiling has also been repainted to make a brighter and livelier atmosphere,” Centers said. “We want to encourage a spot for meetings, you can call ahead to save some seats. People won’t have to leave campus to do this stuff, they can stay on campus to find what they need.”

Ann Hoffman, Xavier alumna and Board of Trustees member, has stressed the importance of students’ voice in the pub’s design. Ryan’s will focus on the needs of the students, whether it may be a study location or a place to meet for coffee.

The pub will be directly influenced by students to keep it geared towards students needs.

It is designed around the needs of the students, be it study location or a place to meet for coffee, much of which can be traced to Board of Trustee member and former student Ann Hoffman, who wanted students to make their voices heard in the design.

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