Column: The Echo vibrates with coziness

A local restaurant review By Paige Wilson, Guest Writer Picture yourself in a quintessential diner.  You would most likely see a long, high-top bar with strangers sitting close to one another; waiters and waitresses frantically bussing tables; and white ceramic plates piled high with eggs, bacon and every kind of breakfast potato. If you pictured this, then you have conjured up The Echo in Hyde Park.  I first went to The Echo on a recommendation from a friend who proclaimed it was “hangover food from heaven.” I decided to test the theory, and I am happy to say it did … Continue reading Column: The Echo vibrates with coziness

Issues of race in Cincinnati

A little over a month ago, an opinion piece by Kathy Y. Wilson was featured in City Beat entitled “Mahogany’s: In the Dark.” The piece seems to be a review — if it can be called even that — of Mahogany’s restaurant in The Banks development just south of downtown. Though the piece purports to discuss the quality of the restaurant, it ends up focusing on the race of the owner. It is surprising that it was even picked up, and more so thatit remains posted on City Beat’s website. The piece berates the newly-opened and struggling restaurant, attributing most … Continue reading Issues of race in Cincinnati