Know Theatre’s “Pluto” Staff review

By: Tatum Hunter ~Staff Writer~

In a time when mass shootings are becoming terrifyingly commonplace and gun violence is at the forefront of many Americans’ minds, The Know Theatre could not have chosen a more heart-wrenching look at society than Steve Yockey’s “Pluto.”

The show follows a single mother’s desperate search for normalcy as she tries to reconnect with her withdrawn teenage son. The magical elements tempered and accentuated the heaviness of the subject at hand, depending on the moment. All in all, Pluto is definitely a show worth seeing before its close on the 22nd.

The Good

• Well-cast, strong performers.
• Easy communication of a painful, emotional story.
• Breathtaking lighting and set design.

The Bad

• Difficult to discern the fantasy aspects from moments of reality, making it hard to follow.
• Drawn-out ending.

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