Xavier public relations society to offer social media boot camp

By: Mike Clark ~Staff Writer~

This Thursday Xavier’s Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) chapter will be holding a social media boot camp for clubs and individuals who want to improve their promotion skills.

Xavier’s PRSSA chapter is a club dedicated to helping other clubs. Their field of interest involves the knowledge of promotion, which involves useful knowledge in using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. This knowledge, in essence will be useful to any club or person who wants to market their group in an efficient and professional manner.

“With the growing presence of social media around the world, it would be nice for these students to connect to these resources,” Sean O’Brien, vice president of Xavier’s PRSSA chapter, said. “We want clubs to be able to reach out to students about an event online and we want success to come as a result.”

Promotion is key to all of this. Xavier’s PRSSA wants to be able to help other clubs use those easy platforms listed above to help each club or person in attendance, with certain tips and tricks that will help promote club or self. By doing so, they hope as well to become a club centered around the assistance of Xavier’s other clubs. In short, their goal is collaboration.

“In what is good for both clubs and individuals, we really want to help people promote themselves for their future clubs, internships and employers,” Katarina Rejepes, treasure of PRSSA, said.

The informational session will be held at 7 p.m. on March 27 in Hailstones 3. The event should last around an hour and will offer clubs the strategies and tactics to successfully market themselves via social media to Xavier’s student body.

If a club or person wants to better incorporate the power of social media in their goals at Xavier and abroad, PRSSA encourages them to attend the event.