Best study spots on campus

By: Meredith Francis ~Campus News & Social Media Editor~
With homework, papers, tests and quizzes approaching in the upcoming school year, the best study spots on campus will likely be busy once again. Here are a few tips for the best places to study on campus.

For a quiet spot:
Need silence to focus on all those anatomy terms or abstract philosophy concepts? The sec-ond-floor library offers plenty of silence among the bookshelves and couches. There are also sev-eral computers and two printers available on this floor.

For group projects:
Assigned a group project? Reserve a study room in the CLC by visiting Many of these rooms have dry-erase walls and television screens to practice presentations.


For the lover of the outdoors:
When you want to get fresh air while you study, the Xavier Yard or the green space above Bishop Fenwick Place are great options. You can take in the atmosphere of the campus while you focus on your work or watch fellow class-mates throw a baseball around.

For the best view:
For the daydreamer, the third-floor Conaton Learning Commons (CLC) has a nice area with tables and windows that look out into the courtyard. It’s a good place to go on a nice day, making studying inside a little more tolerable.


For the social studier:
Gallagher Student Center (GSC) is perfect for students who like to chat as they work. The couches around the fire¬place are always busy, along with the nearby tables at Coffee Emporium. On the ground floor, the food court (including Ryan’s Pub) is a good place to grab food while working, too.

For the dying laptop:
It’s never fun for your laptop battery to die in the middle of a long paper-writing haul, so try the third-floor library. This floor of the library has a long row of large tables with outlets built in. And if you’re feeling lucky, try the round tables in the GSC on the second and third floors. These coveted tables also have outlets nearby.