First-year senators elected

By: Maxwell Bruns ~Guest Writer~

Senate girl 1
First-year senator Shelby Lauter

The results of the first-year senate elections are in with candidates Shelby Lauter, Anthony Luster, Bailey May and Jonathan Pickman winning the race.

“It’s important for first-years to run for senate because if the decisions of the SGA (Student Government Association) were dictated by only third- or fourth- years, they could be skewed against a large part of the student body,” Board of Elections chair Stephen Coulter said.
Of the five students who ran, four were elected. However, all the students involved had to work hard to be a part of the process.

“They have to collect 100 signatures, attend a meeting with the board and fill out a questionnaire in order to be in the race,” Coulter said.

election anthony
First-year senator Anthonty Luster

Students must also maintain a 2.25 GPA and a good disciplinary standing throughout the election process and their term.

“First-year senators are subject to the same workload as any other senator,” Coulter said.
In the spring semester, students must compete with the entire student body.

senate girl 2
First-year senator Bailey May

“The first-year-only election is a great way for the underclassmen to get their names out there and meet their competition because the general election is more intense,” Coulter said.
While the board no longer discloses the number of votes, voter turnout is an incentive for candidates to campaign. “Candidates are allowed to advertise on signage in dorms, the Xavier Yard and the academic mall,” Coulter said. “They can also hand out small promotional items and personal flyers. Each candidate is allowed to use $150 out of their own funds for campaigning.”


First-year senator Jonathan Pickman

While students are no longer allowed to campaign door-to-door due to issues with last spring’s Executive Elections, the Board of Elections is in negotiations to reopen door-to-door campaigning.

With another first-year senate election closed, the tradition of getting underclassmen involved in student government early continues, allowing for continuity in the SGA and an even representation of all classes