No Labels comes to Xavier

By: Sarris Balcerzak ~Staff Writer~

No Labels, a national organization that aims to transcend partisan politics and solve governmental issues, has introduced a new chapter at Xavier.

This group promotes understanding across multiple platforms and encourages open discussion between all political affiliations.

“No Labels at Xavier was started as a chapter to help promote understanding at the college level and shows people there is hope to change the government,” Club President Justin Weller said.

The team drafts petitions with the intention of convincing Ohio Congress members to join the Problem Solvers coalition.

So far, the Problem Solvers coalition makes up a 93-member group of Republicans and Democrats in Congress. The coalition works to draft a strategic plan for America, which will be released next October.

Xavier’s No Labels chapter participates in weekly meetings where it discusses how current events relate on a local, national and global level using sources such as The New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal.

Additionally, it receives status updates from the Board of Governors, creates an agenda based on the national organization and brainstorms topics for its partner organization, TrueChat Broadcast Inc.

Some of the topics debated in the club are American foreign policy, unemployment, energy security, the national budget, Medicare and social security. These issues align with the goals of the Problem Solvers coalition in Washington, D.C.

Currently, the No Labels chapter at Xavier is working to launch a website. The best way to gain membership; however, has been personal testimony.

The club’s next big step will be its visit to Washington, D.C., this spring to benefit its organization and bond as a club.

Anyone can join at any time, Weller said that the only prerequisite is an open mind and a willingness to work together by setting labels aside. The first step is to express interest.
“Information is power,” Weller said. “By being informed, the public is taking it upon themselves to learn and make informed decisions.”