Players presents “God of Carnage”

By: Grant Vance ~Staff Writer~

Opening Nov. 14 is Xavier Players’ upcoming performance of the philosophically controversial
“God of Carnage.”

Written by French playwright Yasima Reza, “God of Carnage” will premiere as the first full length show from Xavier’s entirely student-run theater group.

The dynamically-nuanced play examines human nature through the lens of two dueling couples: the Novaks and the Raleighs. The Novaks (performed by Elle McFarland and Ammar Khan) invite the Raleighs (performed by Emily deKanter and Sterling Shaw) to their home in order to discuss the proper means of action as a result of the Raleigh’s son assaulting the Novak’s son duringa recess gone awry.God of Carnage - wikipedia dot org

What begins as a civil discussion between adults slowly digresses into a petty mess of insult, pitting the two couples against each other in a cynical exposure of human nature. Having the
opportunity to see the early development of the show, the audience is promised intellectual stimulation, strong performances of authenticity, well-timed dark humor from the cast and a unique technical directorial style from Players’ President Kyle Daniels. Daniels is proud of the way the show is coming together and the over-all state of the performance.

“God of Carnage” is a heavy show, moving Players into the “thought-provoking direction”
Daniels would like to see the club continue to move into in the future. Daniels’ goal is to “leave
audiences questioning how grown up these characters actually are” well after the curtain falls.

This goal will certainly be met once the final touches have been put on this promising piece of philosophical theater. Don’t miss the next step in Xavier Players’ newest chapter, “God of
Carnage.” It’s an experience that is sure to resonate with audiences long after the performance. Catch the show from Nov. 14 to 16. Tickets will be priced at $3.