Student art exhibition

By: Liz Slocum ~Staff Writer~

An exhibition of the works of art students at Xavier opened for public viewing on Jan. 30. The exhibit is located in the Xavier Art Gallery in the A.B. Cohen Center, and anyone is welcome to view the works on display free of charge.

The exhibit, which is done annually at Xavier during the spring semester, includes artwork in many different categories. Art by graduating seniors in Xavier’s art department from all studio areas will be showcased at this event. “Drawing, prints, book art, painting, sculptures and fibers are all presented, including coiling, punch needle, Batik, mixed-media sculpture, silk paper, wearable art and pillows,” Kitty Uetz, the director for the Xavier art galleries, said.

In addition to works of art created by hand, the exhibit will include photography and printmaking which have been made by a variety of processes.

For students involved in the visual arts at Xavier, this is their chance to showcase not only the artistic talent, but also their development as a person and their cultivation of wisdom. Xavier’s liberal arts program does not stop at developing technique.

A previous exhibit at the the Xavier Art Gallery located in the Cohen Center
A previous exhibit at the the Xavier Art Gallery located in the Cohen Center

The program centers on the strengthening of the whole person — body, mind and spirit. This development of strength is a product that comes with the artwork students create. Visitors will be treated to some spectacular work.

As of late, the Xavier University Art Gallery is one of “Cincinnati’s 10 contemporary art galleries you should visit,” according to

“The participating students did a great job of creating art for this exhibition,” Uetz said. For those interested in seeing a collection of student works of art, the gallery is open from 6 to 8 p.m., Monday through Friday, until Feb. 27. There will be other artistic exhibitions showcased at the Cohen Center later this spring semester.