Yoga Club

By: James Neyer ~Copy Editor~

The Yoga and Holistic Awareness Club is a relaxing group that meets from 7 to 8 p.m. on Mondays in the Clock Tower Lounge of the Gallagher Student Center. As opposed to the yoga classes offered in O’Connor, Yoga Club focuses on the relaxation and stress relief that the exercise can bring. Nothing is needed besides a positive mental attitude and a willingness to get comfortable. Yoga mats are provided for those who do not have them, and the club provides a welcoming environment for people of all different types of ability.

The group is for everyone, from those who can effortlessly do the one-footed tree pose to those who can barely do child’s pose. “I was only able to go there one time, but it was amazing. It helped me release my stress that was piling up from my homework,” senior Ben Kelty said. There is no better cure for the ails brought by frantic studying and typing for tests and papers that should have been started weeks ago. Starting next Monday, students are free to unwind and get their yoga on with a diverse welcoming group.