Life After Sunday

By: Max Creager ~Staff Writer~

Life After Sunday (LAS) is a student led organization that focuses on living the Catholic faith beyond going to church on Sunday. The organization meets multiple times a week in order to pray the rosary, partake in Eucharistic adoration, organize student-centered mass, participate in power-hour prayer meetings and partake in a monthly community dinner.

The organization states that its mission is to provide students with a practical means for integrating their Catholic faith into daily life. “Our club chose the name ‘Life After Sunday’ because we think that living the Catholic faith is more than just going to Sunday Mass. To live a truly authentic Catholic life, we are called to seek Christ daily through prayer,” the LAS mission statement said. LAS president Mallory Smarto emphasized the mentoring and support the club has offered her through the community.

According to Smarto, the motto of the club is “Come when you want, come when you can.” As a faith organization, their motto is oriented toward helping students with their individual faiths. “Leading has been awesome, because I get to serve and do my best to give people opportunities that have made, and help make my Xavier career good. The club has helped students a lot giving them a community. Trying to foster that community for others has been a real blessing,” Smarto said.

For more information about the club visit its Xavier website page or email smartom@xavier. edu.