Art students show work at esteemed local museum

By: Raymond Humienny ~Campus News Editor~

Ruby Kusturd Pic
Photo courtesy of | Mark Motherbaugh’s “Ruby Kusturd” is one of the pieces on display at the CAC, where Xavier students will show their work.

The Contemporary Arts Center (CAC) in Cincinnati is a prestigious location for aspiring local artists to show their talent. This December, the Xavier Art Society will host an exhibit at the CAC, showcasing the creative talent the arts department has to offer.

“The CAC is the main event for us,” junior Art Society president Hannah Smith said. “Our show acts as a voice for the arts department, and I’m happy that we’re getting this opportunity to show our technique.”

The CAC’s upcoming display is titled “Myopia,” which means nearsightedness. The idea was created by DEVO guitarist Mark Mothersbaugh, an artist even before the 80’s new wave band came together.

As one might guess, Mothersbaugh suffered from severe nearsightedness as a child until prescribed glasses at the age of seven. Mothersbaugh recalls that he was unaware of his eye problems and began his exhibit in response to those seven years.

“There was something that changed his perception about what he saw before he was treated,” Smith said. “Myopia is a kind of celebration of that previous perspective with the transition to his new sight of the world.”

Mothersbaugh’s recovered vision allowed him to tap into his artistic prowess following his treatment. Alongside his musical career, Mothersbaugh created art as a reflection on current events at the time, such as the Kent State shootings. In addition to that, the DEVO frontman has produced works expressing social and gender issues, explaining some of his works as a rejection of the patriarchy.

DEVO fans may be familiar with Mothersbaugh’s masked Booji Boy (pronounced “Boogie”) character, his onstage alter ego. Mothersbaugh wrote character development for Booji Boy in a book titled “My Struggle,” a satire of Hitler’s autobiographical manifesto “Mein Kampf.” As an added jab at fascism, the book was published in a red cover similar to “Chairman Mao’s Little Red Book.”

“The CAC is our opportunity to compete like programs like DAAP does,” senior member Sarah Sager said. “And we don’t get an opportunity like this in particular all too often. A chance like this is the time for us to pull together as an art society and show everyone what Xavier students can do. It’s everything for us.”

Smith and Sager described their plans for the next month, working on technicolor and plexiglass projects to convey current events and issues in gender.

The “Myopia” showcase will take place at the CAC from Dec. 7-11. The Xavier Art Society will set up on Dec. 6, and the opening reception will take place from 6-9 p.m. on Dec. 10. For other art department viewings, be on the lookout for the Rome Experience Art exhibition in November at Cohen Center.

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