New minor blends public and history

By: Max Bruns ~Staff Writer~

This year, Xavier’s history department is adding a new minor in public history. Previously, the university only offered a history major for students interested in learning about history in addition to the basic core history requirements. As of 2015, public history is available either as a concentration or as a minor.

“Public History is the research and presentation of history specifically for popular consumption,” according to an official university description of the program. “Public historians are found in museums, historical sites, archives, non-profits and digital ventures.”

The public history curriculum changes the track of history majors wishing to take on this concentration and reinvents the possibilities for students wishing to study history without the time to take on a full major. One new requirement is the “Introduction to Public History” class, which comes in two parts.

“This course will introduce students to the practice of presenting history to the public at large,” according to the class catalogue. “It will provide students with basic preparation for work in cultural resource management, historic preservation and museum fields.”

The concentration and minor also come with a required internship and a seminar in public history. A number of students have already taken on the concentration, including sophomore Mary Timmons. “I chose this major because I want to bring my love of history to the general public,” Timmons said. This minor allows history students to be more exposed to the public.

“The program builds on Xavier’s relationships with the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, King Studios, Heritage Village Museum, and many other institutions,” the program description said.

If you are interested in a major in history or a concentration in public history contact the Xavier University history department, chaired by Dr. Karim Tiro, at whipplea@