DMG expands presence

By: Henry Eden ~Staff Writer~

Photo courtesy of | DMG expects to expand its social media presence with local businesses.

The D’artagnan Marketing Group (DMG) is launching a new social media program as well as partnering with several new businesses this school year. Since its inception three years ago, the group, an affiliate of Xavier’s marketing club, has grown quickly.

According to senior Andrew Cook, one of the group’s vice presidents, the idea came about as a means of providing help to clubs on campus. “Nobody had any idea what it would grow into,” Cook said. This is the first year that the group has felt established and active, he said. “What we specialize in is things like consulting, building business plans, marketing ideas and other things for clubs on campus, local startups and other local established businesses,” Cook said. “We try to help them with anything they need help with. We want to be like the little backbone they are looking for.”

Last year, the DMG began to partner with local businesses. Two of the group’s biggest events came through associations with Ryan’s Pub and Betta’s Italian Kitchen. “We bring Xavier Students to these businesses so that they can have a good night in terms of revenue and increased profits for an extended period of time,” Cook said. A new partnership with Listermann Brewing will be the group’s main focus this school year. In addition to associations with these companies, DMG is also working on broadening its online presence. The new program, called X-One, will include various social media pages and a mobile application.

“The whole concept of it is bringing local bars, restaurants, clubs, events going on all around, and bringing them to Xavier students,” Cook said. The group hopes to have this completed in November. With its growing scope, DMG has become a strong opportunity for business students to gain practical knowledge. The ability to help design real marketing contracts is the group’s biggest allure for potential members, according to Cook.

“The only other campuses that really have something like this set up are Harvard and Stanford,” Cook said. The group will continue to grow and need new members as new partnerships continue to be made, according to Cook. “We’re growing exponentially every year, which is something we’re really proud of,” Cook said. “We want to grow out and do more than what normal college clubs can do.”