Macaron Day gives to OTR Community Housing

By: Aiyana Moore ~Staff Writer~

Photo courtesy of | On Macaron Day, Buona Terra donated portions of sales to Kilgour Schools in support of the Hyde Park Community.

When people think of macarons, France may come to mind, then the word ‘delicious.’ For those in Cincinnati, places like the Macaron Bar or Bonbonerie might make our mouths water.

Charity is the last thing on someone’s mind when deliberating the best place to get a macaron. However, charity is exactly what Cincinnati is thinking about on Macaron Day.

On March 19, Cincinnati held its second annual Macaron Day not just to celebrate the French confection, but to give back to the Cincinnati community.

At participating locations, macaron lovers were able to enjoy a free macaron for simply mentioning Macaron Day. But since it is impossible to have only one with the variety of colors and flavors, a portion of the sales at every participating location was donated to Over-the-Rhine Community Housing (OTRCH).

OTRCH provides affordable housing options for low-income residents of Over-the-Rhine. The non-profit, established almost 40 years ago, has worked to restore more than 400 housing units and helped the residents of OTR find housing.

The hope is that, by partnering with local small businesses for Macaron Day, OTRCH will be able to raise awareness for the cause and provide homes for the homeless men and women of Cincinnati. The money donated will also be used to help send children, most of whom have experienced homelessness in their lifetimes, to summer camp.

Although Cincinnati has embraced Macaron Day as its own, the celebration did not begin in the Queen City. Rather, the tradition began in the macaron’s home city – Paris. P

arisian macaron bakeries began to work together in 2005 to celebrate the macaron with the people of France and to give back to local charities.

It wasn’t until 2010 that Macaron Day traveled across the ocean to New York City. It was here that the U.S. held its first Macaron Day charity event with more than 15 bakeries participating. Today, annual Macaron Day events are held across the world in cities such as Budapest, Toronto, Portland and, of course, Cincinnati.

Cincinnati’s first celebration of Macaron Day had eight participating locations, but this year’s Macaron Day celebrated the French dessert with 12 locations across Cincinnati.

Participating locations included Buona Terra, Bonbonerie, Frieda’s Desserts, Macaron Bar, Sweet Petit Desserts and Taste of Belgium.