Thank you, Blue Gibbon

By: Jonathan Hogue ~Crab Rangoon Connoisseur~

1While this week’s Newswire articles are satirical, this submission is straight from the heart. Newswire staff works every Tuesday to give the Xavier community critical and enlightening content each week. While we rely on each other, we believe our work couldn’t be done without the help of Blue Gibbon and Eugene.

Several page and copy editors visit the Blue Gibbon before Tuesday’s editing process. While the stories change, our feelings toward Blue Gibbon and Eugene never do. Eugene is one of Xavier’s finest.

Students admire Eugene for his smile, warm demeanor and way of making every meal a good one. Newswire Campus News Editor Jessica Griggs believes very powerfully in the Gib. “If it wasn’t for Eugene and ‘the Gib’s’ presence, I know the Newswire’s Tuesday nights would not be the same.”

It’s not enough for the students to visit Blue Gibbon and not give Eugene his proper dues. On behalf of the Newswire, we would like to thank Eugene for his tireless work in fueling this institution. We know there are several people who make Blue Gibbon a fixture on campus, but the Newswire wants to personally thank Eugene for his dedication to our paper and stomachs.

Opinions and Editorial Editor Jonathan Hogue knows Blue Gibbon is an essential part of being a Newswire staff member.

“Eugene is a fixture of our editing process because his smile is the highlight of Tuesday’s hectic schedule. Putting together a 12 page newspaper in one night is difficult, but with crab Rangoon and sweet and sour chicken the Newswire is able to fulfill its commitment to the Xavier community. This is due in large part to Eugene’s dedication to his customers.”

Xavier: The Newswire hopes you take the time to appreciate the men and women who fuel this campus day in and out. Young men and women can’t represent Jesuit values on an empty stomach. Eugene and so many of Xavier’s food staff deserve our thanks for their tireless work to support the community.

So to Eugene: Thank you for being a good friend to the Newswire staff. We appreciate your work and will see you on Tuesday for another visit filled with Rangoon and smiles.