Top 6 Shows to Binge Watch on Netflix

By: Carly Mulert ~Staff Writer~

1.pngNetflix has unleashed another round of awesome binge-worthy shows. Some are classics, some are Netflix originals and some are shows you just have to watch for the third time. And hey, if you don’t have Netflix, you can just steal your roommate’s login info, because you do not want to miss out on these six quality shows. They’re perfect to watch if you are done with your latest show or need something to distract you from homework. Create a caption for this photo of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump from the First Presidential Debate!

6. Master of None

Master of None stars comedian Aziz Ansari as Dev Shaw, a struggling actor in New York going through life and all the fun it has to offer. From dating to parents to the idea of having children, this show has it all. The show deals with situations such as getting cut from movie roles, moving in with girlfriends and the racism Indian Americans experience on TV. This series has a lot of laughs and some great characters. It is also only 10 episodes so you could easily binge it in a weekend or so.

5. Grey’s Anatomy

Ok, I know you probably have already watched this show for the second time already. But if you haven’t, what are you doing! Get going on it! This show follows the life of doctors in a hospital in Seattle. We join them on their journey through heartache, romance, life and death. You’ll get attached to the characters and enjoy all of the storylines. With 12 seasons on Netflix, you’re able to binge to your heart’s desire with this one.

4. Friends

This show is the definition of the 90s. Friends is the show about six people in New York City going about their everyday lives and enjoying being…friends! So many classic moments come from this show such as smelly cat, ugly naked guy, Marcel the monkey and making the number seven really sexual. So take a trip down nostalgia lane and hang out with your favorite group of people down at Central Perk.

3. Daredevil

If you are a fan of Marvel, you’ve probably already watched this show twice through, looking for Easter eggs about other Marvel things. But if you aren’t a Marvel person, you should still watch this show. Daredevil follows the story of Matt Murdock: lawyer by day, vigilante by night. This savior of Hell’s Kitchen does what he has to in order to keep his city safe, even if it means breaking the law at times. Plus, he’s blind. There is so much action and crime-fighting, you will enjoy this show whether you are a Marvel fan or not.

2. Stranger Things

This is the new hit that everyone is talking about! Stranger Things is about a missing boy and the supernatural incidents of the small town of Hawkins, Ind. This show combines the 80s aesthetic of E.T. and the high suspense of the X-Files into one program that will keep you on the edge of your seat straight through.

1. Narcos

This show follows the Colombian kingpin Pablo Escobar and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) trying to catch him. This show has us glued to our screens wondering what could possibly happen next, replacing Breaking Bad as top running drug television. This is one of Netflix’s most popular shows, so you do not want to miss out on this TV phenomenon. With two seasons, 10 episodes each, there is nothing holding you back from watching this gem.