SGA executive election Winning ticket to be determined in the October 26-27 vote

By: Jessica Griggs ~Editor-in-Chief~

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After only one ticket ran and voter turnout disappointed in last year’s Student Government Association (SGA) executive election, four tickets have stepped up to run for office in the election this year.

When voting begins on Oct. 26, the student body will have the opportunity to choose the three students who will serve as president, legislative vice president and administrative vice president of SGA.

These positions are the representation for SGA to the administration, faculty, staff and the Board of Trustees.

The tickets running in this year’s election are: Sam Buettner (president), Meredith Hayden and Scott Jones; Zeina Farhat (president), Eduardo Patron and Ryan Fitzgerald; Alex Hale (president), Amiee Boivin and Adam Dill; and Johnny Srsich (president), Jacob Jansen and McKenzie Lauver.

There are a few important dates to make note of that will occur in the coming weeks in preparation for the election.

Beginning Oct. 16, the tickets will be campaigning in a number of spaces across campus in order to advertise their policies and interact with the student body.

The official platforms, which will give the detailed plans the tickets intend to enact should they win the election, will be published in the Oct. 19 edition of the Newswire, and on the same day the Board of Elections (BOE) will host International Coffee Hour with the Candidates from 3:30-4:30 p.m. in Gallagher Student Center.

A debate among the tickets, which will be co-sponsored by BOE and the Newswire, will be held on Oct. 25.

The tickets each had to fill out a ticket questionnaire distributed by BOE before being accepted as official tickets in the election.

Each ticket’s answer to one of the questions is published below.

Why are you interested in serving in the role of the office(s) sought?

Sam Buettner, Meredith Hayden and Scott Jones:

“We are committed to the Jesuit value of men and women for others. Improved implementation of these values, for every type of student, would improve the Xavier experience as a whole. We are interested in inclusivity for students that can be overlooked, misrepresented or forgotten. Instead of speaking for these students, we aim to raise up the voices of students that feel that they are on the outskirts. By doing so, not only will we create an environment that embraces all current students, but we will encourage oncoming students to consider Xavier University as a place of ensured community.”

Zeina Farhat, Eduardo Patron and Ryan Fitzgerald:

“Our desire to serve in these positions stems from the values best reflected in our mission statement: We strive to develop a network of peers dedicated to creating a culture rooted in solidarity, inclusion and diversity. We resolve to foster collaborative initiatives to bring about change representative of the student body’s needs. Through an unwavering commitment to growth, we will create a better Xavier community.”

Alex Hale, Amiee Boivin and Adam Dill:

“We truly believe that we can make Xavier better because of our experiences. We want to strengthen our Ignatian Heritage, increase late night food options, fight for sustainability programs and work with the City of Cincinnati’s task force to end sexual assault.”

Johnny Srsich, Jacob Jansen and McKenzie Lauver:

“We are looking to serve as the executives of Student Government because, having all served one term on Senate, we recognize how important it is to maintain a positive and professional relationship between the executives and senate when it comes to projects. We wish to leave a positive impact on Xavier in order to improve the experience for future students. Serving as an executive, as compared to serving in other offices, will give our ticket a greater ability to make meaningful policy changes within the school rather than mostly aesthetic changes to campus.”

Voting will begin Oct. 26 at 8 a.m. and end Oct. 27 at 4 p.m., and it will take place at election.