Death Cab for Cutie releases protest song

By: Hannah Paige Michels ~Head Photographer~

Photos courtesy of | Death Cab’s “Million Dollar Loan” tackles Trump’s “blue-collared billionaire” narrative and misogynistic scandals.

Remember when Donald Trump got a small loan of $1 million from his father? Death Cab for Cutie’s lead singer, Ben Gibbard, certainly does.

The band released a new anti- Trump single, “Million Dollar Loan,” last week, kicking off 30 Days, 30 Songs – or, as The Washington Post likes to call it: “A playlist of songs that Donald Trump will hate.”

The project is an independent website that will release one new song from various artists every day from Oct. 10 until Nov. 8, Election Day. It is produced by the creators of 90 Days, 90 Reasons, a similar project that encouraged voters to elect President Barack Obama for a second term back in 2012.

According to the project’s website, the goal is to motivate voters “to (do) the right thing these last few weeks before this most pivotal election.”

While the site is endorsing Hillary Clinton for a Trump-free America, Ben Gibbard says the song is about more than political parties.

“I will be voting for Hillary Clinton,” Gibbard told Billboard, but he stresses that the project “is more about defeating Trump than latching on to any political party.”

Gibbard even clarifies, “I should make it very clear I’m not a Hillary Clinton supporter.” Gibbard says the song is about conquering xenophobia, fascism and misogyny, rather than making a political statement.

“Getting a million dollar loan from your father is not something the overwhelming majority of Americans have access to,” Gibbard said. “And to speak so flippantly about a large sum of money – a sum of money most people won’t see in their entire lifetimes, specifically his entire base – his ability to say that and have nobody supporting him say, ‘Wait a second, this guy has absolutely no understanding of what my struggle has been; this person has no idea what it’s like to be a working class American; why should this person represent me?’ That that did not happen in any real way is still amazing to me.”

Gibbard also told BoingBoing, “Donald Trump has repeatedly demonstrated that he is unworthy of the honor and responsibility of being President of the United States of America and in no way, shape or form represents what this country truly stands for. He is beneath us.”

Additional new songs are available from artists such as Franz Ferdinand, Bhi Bhiman and R.E.M. All proceeds from the project go to the Center for Popular Democracy and its efforts to register all American citizens to vote.