Holiday Showdown

By: Carly Mulert ~Staff Writer~

1Halloween is over, and November has begun. The fall weather is crisp, and everyone looks great and cozy in fall fashion. And the next holiday that is coming up is Christm…NO! It’s Thanksgiving!

Everyone goes from “Happy Halloween!” to “Merry Christmas!” unnecessarily fast. People need to calm down with the Christmas joy! It’s weird when you walk around Kroger and “I’ll be Home for Christmas” is playing when it’s barely November. It’s not right! We are forgetting the part where we are thankful for the things we have and appreciative of everyone in our lives. I know everyone is really into the December holidays, but we’ve got to put a halt on hanging up wreaths for the time being.

Poor Thanksgiving is often overlooked and taken for granted. Sure, you don’t get presents or free candy, but you do get the chance to sit down with the people you love and be thankful. Life moves fast, and we don’t often stop to be grateful for everything we have.

Halloween is the holiday of scares. Christmas has turned into a holiday of greed thanks to capitalism. Thanksgiving is the holiday during which we should remember the values that matter most. We should remember to give thanks all the time, not just on the last Thursday in November.

Plus, on Thanksgiving, you get a huge, home cooked meal, and it’s perfectly acceptable to consume your body weight in potatoes.

The appropriate day to set up December holiday decorations is Dec. 1. That should be the official day that the Christmas trees go up, the lights twinkle and the gingerbread cookies are served. Give Thanksgiving a chance to shine, and then you can spread the yuletide cheer.