A Day of Thanks An Essay on Creativity and Giving Thanks

By: Clare Dunn ~Guest Writer~

1I think at this point in my life, I’m most grateful for my capabilities. As a fine arts major and writing minor, I think my creativity is one of my strongest characteristics. Without critical thinking, however, that creativity can be a little bit too unhinged.

My education is the main thing that I’m trying to expand. That expansion of knowledge is what gives me opportunities that I am extremely grateful for. This past summer, I was able to go to Arrowmont for a week thanks to a scholarship set up by the Xavier art department. I learned how to alter books and do other creative exercises that help keep the mind interested in producing. What I learned there helped not only to broaden my experiences and add to my resume, it has also come in handy in my painting class—where currently I’m working on another altered book. I’m incredibly thankful to Kelly Phelps and all of the art department staff for their support and interest in my artistic growth and development.

I’m also grateful to my friends for the same reason. Their care and love is something that I couldn’t do without. On my worst days, their enthusiastic support for my ideas makes me believe that my goals are valid. Displays of their love include weekly Monday dinners at the cheapest places possible, filled with laughter and good conversation, and simple texts asking what I’m up to. Their consideration of my feelings, wants, and needs touches me deeply and I am in awe of the care they put into every interaction they have with me.

I wouldn’t consider this essay complete without some mention of my family. My little sisters, as moody as all three of us can be, have always been a consistent source of positive interactions and laughter—usually involving memes. My mother has been gracious enough to go along with most of what I want to do. She’s let me be an art major, for Christ’s sake! She trusts me enough to make it work and I am so very grateful for that. My father was more hesitant, but the more he thinks about how resourceful and “pragmatic” I am, the more he warms up to my chosen future career.