Xavier sponsors families in need

By: Riley Head ~Staff Writer~

Photo courtesy of rachelsnodgrass.weebly.com | Xavier’s Center for Faith and Justice spearheaded the Holiday Project.

Xavier is working in partnership with the Hamilton County Department of Job and Family Services to assist families in need during this holiday season. Organizations across campus are raising money to participate in Xavier’s Holiday Project.

Participation in the program is not required, but if a group wants to participate, it can sign up by choosing a preferred family size. It then receives a wish list from a family in need that it is paired with.

Organizations all over campus have decided to join. The residence halls Buenger, Husman and Kuhlman all adopted a family, and the Student Athlete Advisory Committee worked to get all Xavier sports teams to pitch in and each adopt their own family. Clubs and offices across campus have also joined in to support a family. A variety of methods have been used to try to raise money. Kuhlman has hosted a bake sale with a floor by floor competition and has also asked for donations to try to reach its goal of $500.

“I bought some treats from the bake sale, and I thought it was a really cool, easy way to make a difference for some kids to have a better Christmas,” Sydney Sanders, a first-year resident in Kuhlman Hall, said.

Kuhlman Hall Director Samara Gaitan explained that she and her RA’s made the decision to support a large family of six this season.

“A lot of these families are in need, and we figured this is a way we (as a Kulhman hall community) can support a family,” Gaitan said. “Although not every resident may be able to support for personal reasons, since we have a building of almost 500 residents we hope residents are able to ship in and support.”

This opportunity allows smaller communities within campus to bond through the holiday season while improving the surrounding community before leaving for the semester.

“We know there are many residents who wish to give back to the community but may not know how to go about it,” Gaitan said. “Shopping for the gifts and having gift wrapping parties allows everyone to get involved in the spirit of the season.”