New Year’s Resolutions

By: Carly Mulert ~Staff Writer~

1New Year’s resolutions are something that we as college students need. It gives us a brand new start and a new goal to achieve. Coming off of winter break and jumping back into school is tough, but having a goal to work toward outside of academia can take some stress off. The point of having a resolution is to better oneself. It’s a clean slate at the beginning of the year, so why not do some new things for the new year?

A New Year’s resolution can be simple. It can be studying a little more or joining a new club. It can also be more complex, like aiming to get a 4.0 or getting an A on every essay. You could pick one to better your health, like going to the gym more or cutting back on Cheetos. Whatever it is, you should know that a New Year’s resolution is a positive thing. It reminds us that this is a new semester and a new year and that now is a great time to try to change for the better. Setting expectations for a semester is important. You can achieve so much more than you could ever imagine. Having a New Year’s resolution can bring out the best in people and can really help in decision making throughout the year.