When’s enough enough? Figuring out when to move on

By: Josie Wright ~Guest Writer~

There is no simple answer for how someone should know when the proper time to move on is. As a college student I feel like I’m stuck in the same place most of the time. There are so many possibilities available, but how do I or anyone else know which is the proper path? The most frustrating part is that there is not a definite answer, but my advice to everyone out there is, don’t stick around for something or someone unless it makes you happy. This can relate to the major you’re in, the relationships you’re involved in and the activities on campus in which you take participation. If there is one thing I have taken from the past year, it is if something is not truly making me happy, then I need to make a change.

Moving on can be very simple or difficult based on how one views the situation. For example, when I was a senior in high school, I decided to drop soccer. This was one of the hardest decisions I had ever made in my life because soccer was a major part of my life and one of my biggest passions. At the time this wasn’t a simple decision, but as a sophomore in college looking back at my choice, I realized how simple it could have been. Soccer was a huge part of what shaped and made me who I am today, but the decision to quit opened up an array of opportunities for the future. Today, I am at a completely different point in my life and have been able to involve myself in other amazing experiences because I stepped back from another. I now have the chance to focus on finding my true passion and develop a career I truly love. Moving on allows one to grow, create new memories and learn from experiences. Initially, I wasn’t sure if Xavier was the place for me. Those preconceived thoughts were broken once I let myself move on from high school and immerse myself into every ounce of Xavier’s campus.

Josie Wright is a sophomore Digital Innovation Film and Television major from Cincinnati.

How do we move on from relationships? Personally, I have a hard time letting go of people. Transitioning from high school to Xavier has made me lose touch with many people I went to high school with. The atmosphere in high school was not fantastic, and coming to Xavier opened my mind to a whole new variety of people. Relationships are hard work, especially if you’re putting in all the effort and are receiving nothing back in return. With that being said, friendships aren’t any easier. As my freshman year came to a close, I realized who my real friends were.

Moving on is a part of growing up and maturing. If we were consistently stuck in the same place, how would it be possible to ever learn, grow and develop? I have learned so much these past two years, and I can thank those who challenged me along the way. An important contributor is my older sister; she is one of my biggest supporters, and I become a stronger person every day because of her. She teaches me to not give up on people but that it’s OK to let go of some. At the end of the day, we are the ones that decide how we will live our lives. An important quote that my sister always tells me is “you don’t owe anyone anything.”

I appreciate this quote because it’s something we all should live by or try to incorporate into our daily lives. Our well-being is the most important thing, and being concerned with the lives of others will cause unneeded stress. Not to say that caring for others is wrong, but you must always be sure that you care for yourself first.