Celebrate Love In All Forms

By: Carly Mulert ~Staff Writer~

1February has arrived, and when some of us think of that month we can only think of one thing: Valentine’s Day. This day is great for all the lovers out there but sometimes it can be hard to find someone to call your valentine. That’s why for those of us without that special person, we have our own special holiday.

Invented by Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation, we now humbly call the day before Valentine’s Day Galentine’s Day. It can also be called Palentine’s Day, if you want to include your bros. And really it can be any day of the year because it’s a day where you and your friends get to celebrate having each other in your lives. You don’t need to be all lovey dovey, you can just hang out eat pizza and watch your favorite movies. Galentines Day is about coming together to realize the awesomeness that is you and your friends. So forget about searching for the perfect Valentine’s date! Love the ones near you and celebrate being single and being alive.