The 89th Academy Awards Moonlight vs La La Land for Best Picture

By: Sam Martini ~Staff Writer~

Photo courtesy of Forbes | The casts of Moonlight and La La Land shared the Oscar stage because of an envelope mixup. Jordan Horowitz, the producer of La La Land, announced the true winner of the award.

This past Sunday marked the 89th Academy Awards. The magical night honored the best of the best in the movie industry. Hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, the night started fantastically, with many a Matt Damon and Mel Gibson jokes. Kimmel entertained as the host, while using his traditional brand of comedy to bring light to the dark of this past year as well as celebrate the movie industry as a whole.

The majority of the Oscars went to La La Land, which came away with six awards including Best Leading Actress, Best Director and Best Original Song, and Moonlight, with three awards including Best Picture, Best Supporting Actor and Best Adapted Screenplay. Other notable wins include Zootopia for Best Animated Film and Manchester by the Sea for Best Leading Actor and Best Original Screenplay.

One of the most controversial occurrences of the night was the announcement for Best Picture. Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty were set to announce the winner for Best Picture, in celebration of the 50th anniversary of their Oscar-winning film Bonnie and Clyde. Everything was fine until the envelope was opened. Beatty looked at the result as if confused and passed it to Dunaway who announced the winner as La La Land.

The cast and crew of La La Land stormed the stage, and all seemed good. In the midst of a few of the speeches, Kimmel and a few others took the stage and a commotion broke out. It was announced that La La Land had not won the Best Picture Oscar, but instead Moonlight was the winner. The cast and crew of La La Land congratulated Moonlight and took their sudden defeat with pride. On Moonlight’s way up to the stage both Beatty and Kimmel apologized and cracked jokes about the situation.

After the event it was proven that Beatty had the wrong envelope. Not the Best Picture result but the Best Leading Actress result. In his confusion he checked with Dunaway, and she announced what the envelope read.

A fantastic Academy Award ceremony with one of the biggest moments in Oscar history ended the award season. Many fantastic films were honored at this ceremony, and there were many disappointments as well as surprises when it came to the award-winners. It’s safe to say that these were probably the most exciting Oscars to date.