‘Skull Island’ dashes hope for reboot

By: Sam Martini ~Staff Writer~

Photo courtesy of wegotthiscovered.com | Released on March 10, monster film Kong: Skull Island is a resurrection of the King Kong installment and features an ensemble cast including Samuel L. Jackson, Brie Larson and John C. Reilly.

Kong: Skull Island follows an expedition to the last uncharted territory on the planet, Skull Island. After arriving to the island, things seem to be more dangerous than they initially appeared.

This sudden reemergence of King Kong is owed to the newly formed MonsterVerse. Warner Brothers is producing, and the final result is Kong facing Godzilla in a two- hour “disaster porn” straight out of juvenile imagination.

This film has an all-star cast. However, the majority of the cast members are here to sell tickets. Very little acting is done. The only truly stellar performance is given by John C. Reilly, who plays a downed World War II pilot, stranded on Skull Island for several decades. Reilly does a great job of mixing emotional tones and comedic tones which provides a fresh feel to this otherwise stale film. That and a mildly decent performance by the always-amazing John Goodman cap off the notably good things about the cast.

Among the main cast, Tom Hiddleston and Brie Larson give lackluster performances, due not only to their disappointing acting but also to their underwhelming character arcs in the script.

Samuel L. Jackson falls under the same category, only he had an arc, making his performance appear less enthused than the others.

Kong: Skull Island is yet another stepping stone for yet another super franchise trying to be launched by a movie studio unwilling to put faith into new ideas. The mediocre script mixed with the meaningless performances provide a horribly stale movie experience, though one that will bring in money due to visuals alone.