Man defines being Liberal

By: Trever McKenzie ~Liberal~

It’s no secret – I am a Liberal man. I liberal all the time. I liberal at work. I liberal in the shower. I liberal in the garden. I liberal when talking to my liberal aunt about how being Liberal is so liberating. I liberaled at a funeral once – that was liberating. Liberalling just gives me such a thrill. So, when it comes to a non-Liberal position that I liberally disagree with, I was liberally prepared to liberally express my Liberal opinion on this very not-Liberal position.

As a Liberal, I believe it’s important to liberally fact check all my Liberal opinions so that I don’t liberally come off as a Liberal hypocrite. After all, being a Liberal moderate means I liberally consider both sides of an argument, regardless of how non-Liberal one side is. Therefore, I liberally research every facet of a Liberal and non-Liberal argument before I liberally express my Liberal thoughts so that I can appear as a liberally-informed Liberal man when speaking my Liberal stance.

No subject can scare a liberal Liberal like me away. There’s nothing I can’t liberally spend 15 minutes Googling to educate myself on. Even though the Internet tends to lean very non-Liberally, I believe there are many great Liberal sources of Liberal information. I put full faith in the totally-not-Liberal New York Times – after all, it has a liberally high rate of Liberal fact checking, so that means it can’t be Liberally biased.

When I liberally disagree with a non-Liberal issue, I don’t let it liberally affect me. After all, I am liberally open-minded. I can understand non-Liberal viewpoints through my own Liberal perspective, even though I will liberally disagree with them because they are not Liberal. But that’s OK, because as a Liberal, I will always say I am liberally openminded and will liberally respect your non-Liberal opinion. You don’t need to worry about me not liberally treating your non-Liberal viewpoint as valid as my Liberal perspective – I’ve got you liberally covered.

Being a Liberal isn’t always easy, but it can be liberally rewarding. My favorite thing about being a Liberal is liberally patting myself on the back when I think I’ve liberally changed anyone’s opinion to my own, regardless of whether or not I’ve actually done that. I also love being an online Liberal activist by liberally sharing Liberal memes on my Facebook page, because if there’s one thing that will convince non-Liberal people to liberally understand my Liberal viewpoint, it’s a low-quality image liberally posted by a dubious Liberal Facebook page that probably isn’t liberally associated with an actual legitimate Liberal organization liberally stating something that most people probably already know.

Don’t liberally knock being a Liberal. You’ll find a lot of liberally interesting Liberal experiences when you liberally leap to the Left. Haha. Ha.