Crossroads Celebration

By: Gabby Sapata ~Guest Writer~

1Typically, my family celebrates Easter by going to Easter Mass then going somewhere nice for brunch. But this year my Easter Sunday was a bit mixed up. Instead of Easter Mass, I was invited to attend an Easter service at Crossroads, a nondenominational Christian church in Cincinnati. I agreed to go; I was curious about how Crossroads celebrates Easter. Plus, who can say no to free coffee?

I knew to expect the high production show that Crossroads usually puts on, but I was thrown for a loop when it came to Communion. I noticed as the Communion stations were set up that the bread was not wrapped in its typical napkins. Brian Tome, one of the church’s two pastors, came up to explain that the church did not want to have the usual somber Communion. Tome explained it should be a joyous occasion. Volunteers started popping champagne bottles and revealing petit fours. My Catholic upbringing was boiling on the inside. I was thinking the whole affair was disrespectful, but looking back it was an insightful experience. Why shouldn’t Communion be more festive?