High fashion brands in hot water for animal cruelty

Photo courtesy of luxuo.com

Thousands of dollars and an endless amount of love are usually poured into purchasing a designer handbag or product. However, if you care about the treatment of animals more than you care about a material object, it may be necessary to boycott some of your favorite brands. Two major labels, Gucci and Michael Kors, have recently come under fire for a shocking secret revealed about the way that these designers obtain some of their materials.

The controversy surrounding animal cruelty in the fashion world is nothing new, but the extreme level that these specific brands have reached is a new low for disgusting and inhumane actions. New undercover investigations revealed that genetically modified animals have been bred to maximize profit from their fur.

According to a recent article from One Green Planet, Gucci and Michael Kors altered the weight of blue foxes to more than five times their expected weight. The weight gain that these animals experience is then reversed, and the foxes go through a dramatic weight loss, giving the breeders the maximum amount of excess skin and fur.

The living conditions that the farms provide for each of the foxes only adds to the cruelty. The fat on these animals restricts their movement, leaving them motionless. These specific foxes are kept in small, wired cages and are often too big for such a small living space. Although these living conditions can be expected for any fur-producing farm, this one element combined with the size of these animals is an unusual element of barbarity.

There are at least five known Finnish farms breeding these helpless animals. The use of fur in the fashion industry is a violent and pointless process and has expanded in the worst way possible. Although you may love your Gucci slides or Michael Kors purse, no amount of money or fashion statement is worth the death of millions of animals every year.

By: Sydney Sanders ~Photo Editor~