Take advantage of the new iOS update

Photo courtesy of Theverge.com | The new iOS 11 update gave a whole new look to the widget board as well as a host of other updates that makes the iPhone more user friendly.

  1. The Drag and Drop – There are probably many times when you have typed something in the wrong spot or wanted to select and move the text as you would on a computer document but couldn’t. The iOS 11 update allows you to drag and move a highlighted portion of text by simply pressing on the piece. Note that it works within one app and one app only.
  2. Doodle your mail – When drafting an email, you can now press the screen, select “insert drawing” and send a drawing to the recipient of your email. So, go on and share those stick figures, ghosts, pumpkins and witches with your friends and family as you get ready for the Halloween season.
  3. Capture those moments with more life than before! – The new update allows you to take live photos during a FaceTime session with your best friend or your favorite aunt! Make those sessions more memorable by going into “Settings > FaceTime > FaceTime Live Photos” and voila! You’ll be able to take live photos during your FaceTime Sessions.
  4. Want to go dark? – iOS 11 allows you to invert colors of your iPhone display. Click on “Settings > General > Accessibility > Display Accommodations > Invert Colors.” You’ll find two options for reversing the color display on your phone. Personalize your phone even more with this cool feature!
  5. Draw on your screenshots!  Every time you take a screenshot, you might notice a little screen pop up in the left corner of your screen. Click on it and you’ll find a whole new tool that enables you to highlight, write and draw on your screenshot. So, scribble away and share photos with friends and family instantly.
  6. Widgets (finally) make a comeback – The control center, the translucent screen that came up when you swiped up on the previous iOS version, is formatted in a way that resembles the widget feature on Mac books. You can really see that Apple focused on the personalization of phones so that you can customize the control center. Simply go to “Settings,” > Control Center > Customize Controls.” Here you will be able to add and drop the gadgets you want and don’t want on your control center.

  7. Where did my Night Shift go? – For those of you night owls concerned about your optic health who couldn’t find your go-to feature and best friend, the night shift button, get ready to be mind-blown. The 3D touch feature is making its way deeper and deeper into the iPhones. Just swipe up for your control center, and press slightly harder on the brightness control pad. It will make only the brightness pad show up on your screen, and in the bottom center of that screen there will be a circular button labeled “Night Shift.” Check it out now and keep your eyes healthy, folks.

By: Hyehyun Hwang ~Staff Writer~

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