Cantina Conspiracies

Photo courtesy of YouTube | With a universe as expansive as Star Wars, conspiracy theories can get wild.

Jar Jar is a Sith Lord: Yes, that ridiculously annoying character that haunts our memories from Star Wars is believed to be a Sith Lord. I mean, how could someone as clumsy (and stupid) as Jar Jar not only survive but also become a senator in an intergalactic council?

Tusken Raiders are the reason for Darth Vader: While the Sand People may frighten easily, their actions certainly did have some extreme unintended consequences. If they hadn’t killed Anakin Skywalker’s mother, would he have still turned into Darth Vader?

Han had some force abilities: Well, when you think about how lucky Han Solo is, is this idea really all that surprising? While he may not be able to perform Jedi mind tricks, he certainly has a keen sense that not many seem to be blessed with.

Boba Fett killed Luke’s guardians, Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru: The infamous scene in the first Star Wars film of Luke Skywalker’s family killed and incinerated was indeed tragic and shocking. Yet, it does seem a little over-the-top for Stormtroopers to have committed such a heinous act. This intellectual predicament has brought up the idea that Boba Fett, who is, after all, famous for incinerations, was the culprit in the killing.

Finn (from the new film) is force sensitive: Another theory that must be proven or disproven in the next film is if Finn has force powers or force sensitivity. Given his fight with Kylo Ren and his determination to fight in general, it is possible that he does have some abilities or at least heightened senses.

In a galaxy not so far away…: The adventures of the Star Wars universe may actually take place in our own galaxy. A scene within the movies reveals some aliens that look eerily similar to the alien E.T. This has given fans the idea that maybe it isn’t unlikely that Star Wars can be found within our universe.

Chewbacca was always working for the rebels: Chewbacca is a Wookie of few words (that we can understand, at least). But, according to this fan theory, he may have been far more important to the success of the Rebel Alliance than the movies let on. In fact, he may have been a Rebel agent ever since the end of the Clone Wars. It’s theorized that Chewie was quietly manipulating Han to join up with Luke and Obi-Wan, rescue Princess Leia and officially join the Rebels.

By: Payton Kelly ~Guest Writer~