Art Society exhibit Swoon-worthy

Photo courtesy of Gabrille Sapata | Seniors Ryan Collins (left) and Susana Duffy (right), members of Xavier Art Society (XAS), posed next to their collaborative artwork “Orafice” in the pop-up show Swooned. XAS members raved about their time at the show.

The Xavier Art Society (XAS) hosted a pop-up show, Swooned, from Feb. 19 to Feb. 24 at the Contemporary Arts Center (CAC) in downtown Cincinnati.

The show was a compilation of works in various art mediums that were a response to and reflection on the major exhibit at the CAC, The Canyon, which was comprised of works made by the artist Caledonia Curry, more commonly known as Swoon.

There were 17 students who participated in the show: Trisha Brockmeyer, Sheridan Davenport, Susana Duffy, Clare Dunn, Frank Geiser, Jensen Healey, Kiana Lloyd, Emma Malinoski, Ashley Ohmer, Andria Parady, Brooklynn Pierce, Alice Roeding, Gabrielle Sapata and Bridget Walsh. XAS officers Ryan Collins, Tori Woodruff and Daniel Zalla also participated.

Each student proposed their own idea to a committee to receive approval to participate in the show. They created the work within a month and installed their artwork in the bottom level of the CAC.

“The Xavier students who took the opportunity to see Swoon’s Canyon, and to participate in the pop-up show, will realize that they experienced a once-in-a-lifetime event with one of this era’s best artists,” Professor Suzanna Chouteau said.

Sophomore Michael Nicholas agreed and said his time at the CAC was unforgettable.

“The work of the Xavier students was so heartfelt that I truly felt a deep connection to the artists,” Nicholas said. “I didn’t know all the artists, but by looking at their work, I grew in an appreciation of their life journey and the journey of those who had supported them along the way. When seeing Swoon’s work, I felt this connection. I believe based on the similarity of the reactions to the pieces of both Swoon and the Xavier students, it really speaks measures about the incredible artists, but also incredible people we have here at Xavier University.”

A common theme among some of the artwork was the exploration of family and motherhood.

“After visiting the show in the CAC, I was mainly inspired by Swoon’s ability to capture people and her usage of line and how it flowed in the background of her figures,” first-year Ashley Ohmer said. “I was really touched by how Swoon shared her relationship with her mother and grandmother through her artwork, and I hope to capture motherhood by using my own mother as my figure in my piece.”

Sophomore Jensen Healey shared the same sentiment.

“I was inspired by Swoon’s theme about her mother’s influence and how her mother’s addiction affected her immensely,” Healey said. “I thought to myself that my mom does so much for me. She’s helping me go to Italy this summer for study abroad, and all I can offer her a hug and a high five, so I decided to create an image that symbolizes the sacrifices mothers make to support the growth and well-being of their children.”

Zalla, a sophomore, beleived the Swooned show was a success. He was pleased with the outcome and proud to present his work about his grandparents. Collins, a senior, was grateful to be able to participate in the show.

“It was amazing to get to show my collaborative piece in their gallery and such an honor to work with Susana Duffy,” Collins said.

By: Monica Schweiger ~Features Editor~