Staff reacts to T-Swift video

Photo courtesy of JustJared | Taylor Swift released the music video for “Delicate” March 11, and below are our staff reactions to the video.

Jessica Griggs, Editor-in-Chief

“I feel like her whole career has been focused on being the ‘relatable, weird, nerdy girl,’ but now that her reputation is more negative and like a diva, she’s trying to remind everyone why we liked her at all originally. This video felt like that was being shoved very forcibly down my throat. IDK, it came off as desperate to me.”

Hannah Paige Michels, Campus News Editor

“Initial reaction: Taylor making faces at herself in the mirror is literally me. The level of playfulness and Taylor’s swishing ponytail bring back some of her old roots. Taylor is acting the way you might when you have headphones on and you’re sitting in a car or walking down the street and feel like you’re in a music video. I haven’t been a fan of Taylor’s reboot, but I really dig this.”

delicate 2.jpg
Photo courtesy of CNN

Ellen Siefke, Managing Editor

“Not gonna lie, not a fan of Taylor Swift, but a huge fan of that dress. Blue? Check.  Sparkles? Check. Fun fringe? Check? Major Say Yes to the Dress moment when she rips off half of it? Check. Also, her dance moves did bring back some fond childhood memories of late nights in my room accompanied only by my iPod Nano and the sweet sound of 80s thrash metal. Good times.”

Abrena Rowe, Opinions & Editorials Editor

“The entire video was a combination of me thinking ‘What the hell is going on?’ and ‘Why do I feel offended?’”

delicate 3.jpg
Photo courtesy of Business Insider UK

Trever McKenzie, Online Editor

“If I danced or dressed like Taylor Swift did in this video, I’d want to be invisible too.”

Monica Schweiger, Features Editor

“I think it is safe to say that the new Taylor Swift music video for ‘Delicate’ is about Taylor’s current negative reputation. Overall, I think I dig the idea behind the video. I don’t know if it really matches up with the song since I interpreted the lyrics to be Swift talking to another guy, but the video seems to be more about Taylor doing whatever the heck she wants via interpretive dance. Even though the lyrics don’t match up with the video, I appreciate Taylor wanting to make a video that depicts her in the most Taylor-esque way that I can imagine—really bad dancing that is more about having fun and just being a big goof. Seriously, the dancing is weird as heck, but I admire her even more for producing something that she knows will cause people to make fun of her.”

This post was assembled by A&E Editor Riley Head.