‘He Has, He Still Will’ counter feminism

Sophomores announce new campaign to promote continued male success

Photo courtesy of the wonders of Pixabay and Photoshop | Sophomores Brad Johnson and Chad Smith recently began distributing the following poster around campus as a way to promote their new campaign, He Has, He Still Will. It aims to inspire continued male leadership roles.

The “She Can, She Will” campaign continues to inspire Xavier University, including two of its students who have established a new, male-focused campaign titled “He Has, He Still Will.”

Freshman Brad Johnson was one of many Xavier students present at the “She Can, She Will” campaign kickoff. Recalling his experience, Johnson said, “Initially, I was super supportive of the campaign.”

However, Johnson explained, this view changed once he visited sophomore Chad Smith to describe the event.

“After (Johnson) described to me the video’s content, I became a bit skeptical about its intentions and credibility,” Smith said.

He added that he believes the true intention of the campaign is to discourage men from assuming leadership positions because of the lack of women in the same positions.

“I personally have never been chosen for a job, internship or leadership position over a woman because I am a man. My female competitors have just never been as qualified as myself for the position,” Smith said. “Why should I step down and give up my opportunities just so a woman can have a chance to succeed?”

The pair claims that questions like these are what inspired their creation of the campaign that they refer to as “He Has, He Still Will.” Their aim is to continue to inspire male success.

“Men have been deemed the bad guys for too long,” Smith responded when asked about the campaign’s goals. “It’s time that we are viewed as the victims we are.”

What are men victims of? The campaign’s founders agree that the oppressor is feminism itself. Johnson said he believes that there is no need for feminism and that it is only another barrier meant to separate humanity.

“Women need to earn their places in leadership roles rather than complaining about nonexistent obstacles. Feminism keeps that from happening,” Johnson said.

Johnson and Smith plan to conquer feminism in the same way the “She Can, She Will” campaign approaches sexism. Although currently they have neither campaign members nor volunteer participants for a “He Has, He Still Will” video, they believe that giving up on their search for like-minded men is exactly what feminists want.

“It’s our mission to show what’s happening on the other side. Believe it or not, men have voices, too,” Smith said.

Once the video is complete, the pair would like to hold a viewing party in Arrupe Overlook. Gallagher Student Center employees have yet to comment on whether or not they will agree to host the event.

The sophomores have many more plans in store for the campaign, including a charity Fortnite tournament, a showing of the documentary Woman After Man by Dr. Guy McMahon and other unspecified male bonding events. The pair hopes to emerge from the shadows of the “She Can, She Will” campaign and bring to light the real issue at hand: male discouragement.

Specific dates for events will be released on the “He Has, He Still Will” Facebook page once they are confirmed. In the meantime, further enquiries regarding “He Has, He Still Will” can be directed to Brad Johnson at xXthebradman27Xx@hotmail.com.

By: Alana Harvey ~That gosh-darned feminist your father warned you about~