Group leaders’ hopes for Manresa

Johnny Srsich
“To know that all the first-years are excited to be here and the process of going from home to college is as easy as it could be.”
Johnny Srsich
Senior Philosophy, Politics and the Public major
gabby lisi
“I believe that the Xavier community is about love, and I think that when we think about the big picture, which is life after Xavier, you have to look at the little pieces, like your first year and Manresa. Manresa is about love and acceptance and about all the little pieces that make the Xavier community special, and I hope to welcome the first-years and show them that.”
Gabby Lisi
Senior criminal justice and theology Major
tom heisterkamp
“To welcome first-year students as well as also see their lives and see them adjust to campus. I think it’s a really great program.”
Tom Heisterkamp
Senior marketing major

“I hope to form lasting relationships with the first-years, as well as watch them forming relationships amongst themselves. I hope to make this a good experience for everyone.”

Lily Vardanyan
Junior marketing major

“I hope to successfully prepare my small group as they begin their journey at Xavier.”

Caroline Puryear
Sophomore public relations major

“I want to make Xavier an inclusive and welcoming space for first-years.”

Nicole Armour
Senior marketing major

By: Heather Gast | Campus News Editor