Students offer reactions to new Lime scooters

Lime dropped off its long-awaited scooters early Tuesday morning, and the rest of campus wasted no time in trying the devices out. The scooters can be rented just like the Lime bikes and are subject to the same rules and regulations concerning usage and parking.

We asked a few students to share their thoughts on the new scooters.

1) Joseph Spirk

“I would say that having Lime around campus is a good addition for those students who live off campus and are looking for cheaper forms of transportation.”

Joseph Spirk, junior economics major


2) Lizzie Williams

“I think they seem like an interesting and exciting new concept, but I have almost gotten hit by a careless student three times now around campus.”


Lizzie Williams, senior criminal justice major



3) Kizerball

“‘Where are the helmets?’ is my initial concern, as well as ‘They seem like a DUI waiting to happen.’ If you could even get a DUI on an electric scooter app, I couldn’t tell ya.”

Brennan Kizer Ball, senior nursing major



Kate Lake (not on print issue)

“My exact thought was, “What are those? Where did the other mysterious scooters go?’”

Kate Lake, senior theology major



By: Syndey Sanders | Head Photo Editor