Sept. 17 Student Government Association Meeting Recap

  • There have been recent updates in the Gallagher Student Center including new security cameras, new furniture and laptop availability.
  • Plans for future Gallagher renovations include renovating the Clock Tower Lounge and Room 350 into an event, study and multipurpose space.
  • A proposed project for D’Artagnan’s Den is creating a gaming space. The plans and design elements are still in their preliminary stages.
  • The SGA Residential Affairs Committee is working on bringing bench swings to specific spots on campus. Locations include the upper Fenwick yard, Dana Avenue green space, the path between Cleneay Avenue and Smith Hall and between the basketball and sand volleyball courts.
  • SGA is trying to define “immersive learning” to create a standard that would be used across campus in the future. This is in response to a concern that immersive learning is not consistent among all programs.
  • It was announced on Sept. 11 that until a replacement for former Police Chief Daniel Hect is found, all requests and questions should be directed to Jeff Coleman, the vice president for Risk Management.

This post was assembled by Campus News Editor Heather Gast.