Bop to the Top with a 2019 playlist

Check out Brittany Well’s recommended songs to kick off the new year

“Hard Times” by Paramore

“Hard Times,” in stark contrast to Paramore’s generally emo style, is a true bop. Perfect for an early morning shower concert, “Hard Times” is an 8/10 bop. On this track, as well as their entire album After Laughter, Paramore swaps out their normally distorted guitar tracks for some funky 70s disco for a throwback moment I am SO here for!

“Promises” by Sam Smith feat. Calvin Harris

Set in a gay night club, the song and the music video alike inspire you to dance around your room. This song made me feel like a drag queen in nine-inch heels who just paid her rent in $1 bills. You will feel fantastic, fabulous and free! 9/10 bop!

“Cash Machine” by DRAM

Photo courtesy of Vibe

“Cash Machine” is from the wholesome rapper DRAM who talks about deep and dramatic topics such as his love for money and how it’s changed his life. This bop is perfect for any party and is extremely danceable. 8/10 bop, 10/10 for drowning out the sound of broke b*tches.

“J’ouvert” by BROCKHAMPTON

Photo courtesy of Youtube

“J’ouvert” is an adrenaline-pumping banger that will lift you up out of your seat and into the mosh pit. Watch out for those elbows. 9/10 bop.

“On Top of The World” by Imagine Dragons

If you didn’t already get tired of this song in middle school, crank it up and remember who you are! 2019 is YOUR year! Go get that 4.0! Grab that internship by the horns! Let everybody know that nothing can stop you from shining! 6/10 bop for a hopefully 10/10 year.

“People Don’t Get What They Deserve” by Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings

This is actually a throwback, although not as far as you’d think upon your first listen. Sharon Jones and her Dap Kings are a soul revival band bringing back one of the best things to come out of the struggle of the 60s: soul. “People Don’t Get What They Deserve” is a fast-paced soul track. A good song to wake up to and get started with your day. 6/10 bop.

“I Fall in Love Too Easily” by Chet Baker

This is a crying-in-your- room bop. So, not really a bop at all. But, still, a bop, ya know what I mean? This one is to remind you that you aren’t in love with that guy from Tinder who definitely came in an Uber because he doesn’t have a car. Remember your worth, boo. 2/10 bop, 9/10 message.

“Boys” by Lizzo

Photo courtesy of Pitchfork

Lizzo is known for her fabulously distinct voice and pop style. In this track she talks about her favorite types of boys… pretty much every boy to ever exist literally ever. Turn this on and turn it up. This is the perfect workout bop to blast in O’Connor to work off some of that holiday indulgence! 8/10 bop.

“Schoolin’ Life” by Beyoncé

Beyoncé is a must. As much as I absolutely adored EVERYTHING IS LOVE by The Carters in 2018, nothing compares to her oldies, and Lord knows I better school life in 2019 because right now I don’t feel like schoolin’ much of anything! 9/10 bop.

“Benny and The Jets” by Elton John

An oldie but a goodie. Just as reliable as we pray our syllabi will be this semester, this fan favorite never fails to make me smile when it’s the last thing I feel like doing. A thorough bop, I give this one 10/10, a bop savior if you will.

By: Brittany Wells | Staff Writer