The most animated spider in the Spider-Verse

Photo courtesy of Amazon

Sony’s “Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse” was a not only a visually incredible movie, but its plot and cast lives up to the hype.

The concept behind “Spider-Verse” is not very simple. While multi-verse theory is not a new concept in science-fiction, it sometimes gets convoluted and loses the audience. However, “Spider-Verse” makes it simple for the audience, while paying tribute to each character’s comic book roots. This may not seem possible when one of the characters in the movie is named “Spider-Ham”, but it is pulled off.

This movie tells the story of Miles Morales, a Black-Hispanic teenager starting a new elite private school. Miles resents his father, police officer Jefferson Davis, for sending him to this school and seeks out advice from his uncle Aaron. While he was hanging out with his uncle, Miles is bitten by a radioactive spider and stumbles into a particle accelerator experiment, which kicks off the rest of the story. To avoid spoilers, I’ll say that it is not only a very funny movie, but also a tale of loss and sacrifice.

There is a reason why this movie won the Golden Globe for “Best Animated Feature Film” over Disney powerhouses “Wreck it Ralph 2” and “The Incredibles 2.” Nothing like this has really been done before. The entire movie looks like it was printed on a comic book. It’s not that noticeable on the wide shots, but when it goes in for a close up on a character’s face, it looks like there are printed dots on it. They also play with the frame rate, to make it look like fights are choppier and quicker. The music made for this movie also does a good job playing up your emotions.

Overall, I’d give this movie five stars out of five. If you love Spiderman, this movie is for you. If you don’t necessarily like superhero movies, this movie makes it easy to get into them. How? Because it’s just a good movie. Anyone can like it, and everyone should go see it.

By: Jack Dunn | U.S. & World News Editor