Why are you excited for Manresa?

While the rest of campus has been preparing to return to Xavier for their fall semester, a group of students have been working hard to prepare for Manresa, Xavier’s first-year student orientation program.

This group of students is known as the Manresa Orientation Team and is comprised of Core, Group Leaders and Staff Members. Together they ensure that Manresa is efficient and successful for all incoming students.

Take a minute to meet a few of these Orientation Team members from all different classes and read how they are getting pumped for this year’s Manresa.

Manresa 2019 begins on Wednesday, Aug. 15, and lasts until Sunday, Aug. 18.

“I am excited to connect with all the first-years in my group and help them discover the beauty of the Xavier community.”

Anjali Nelson

Senior chemical science major

“I am most excited for the experience. This is my last year and being around the first-years is going to be very exhilarating.”

Becca Co

Senior nursing major

“I am excited for the leadership opportunity Manresa offers and to welcome new students the same way I was welcomed.”

Danielle Josiah

Senior nursing major

“I am excited to welcome the first-year students in being one of the first people that they see, as well as to see how they adapt to their new environment.”

Myka Radecki

Junior biology major

“I am excited because I get to welcome the first-years and continue the traditions of Manresa.”

Bridget Fanning

Junior nursing major

“I’m really excited to meet the first-years. I am looking forward to showing them how awesome the Xavier community is and what is means to be All for One and One for All!”

Maiya Espinosa

Junior middle childhood education major

“I am excited to meet all the first-years. I am the same age as the grade behind me so I am excited to connect with people my own age.”

Maddie Berry

Sophomore chemical science major

“I am excited to dive [head first] into the Xavier community and make sure the first-years have a good time.”

Joseph Cotton

Sophomore Philosophy, Politics and the Public major

“I am excited to guide the class of 2023 for their next four years in college and show them the reasons why I love Xavier.”

Grace McGohan

Sophomore entrepreneurial studies major

By Alex Budzynski | Campus News Editor