Photo-op: opinions of Peet’s coffee

Kaleigh Crawford, first-year nursing major

“Personally, I like Peet’s better because their chai tea is a lot stronger than [Carabello.]”

Claire Kuchenrither, junior political science major

“Personally, I would say I like Peet’s coffee a lot more. Carabello coffee tasted like burnt water.”

Eliza Turner, senior criminal justice major

“I like Peet’s coffee! They have much better options.”

Nick Palmisano, first year psychology major

“The only issue that I have with Peet’s coffee is that they make you fill up your own black coffee.”

Alex Pinarski, first-year history major

“[Peet’s] is the best coffee. I love every second of drinking it.”

Zak Swetye, sophomore marketing and business analytics major

“I know a lot of people love it; my friend had five cups today.”

“I like the ethics behind it and I think it’s a good tasting coffee.”

Hannah Frey

Senior social work and psycology major

By Mo Juenger | Guest Writer