Minty Medical Madness

By Charlie Gstaslder | Guest Writer The Anti-Smoking Defamation League, America’s largest tobacco control organization, recently launched its latest anti-vape campaign titled “Stop Testing on Humans.” The campaign focuses on the lack of information available regarding the long-term health effects of vaping. The League is absolutely correct; We should not allow ourselves to become vape industry lab rats. That important job must be left to government agencies such as the FDA. The government claims that problems linking vaping to health issues result from a lack of test subjects and voluntary reporting. Considering that the majority of our generation is already … Continue reading Minty Medical Madness

Taylor Swift “ME!” Parody

By David Ludwig I promise that you’ll never find another like me I know you said that we should just split up I know you said you think you’ve had enough And you told me that doing this was tough (But I don’t wanna break up with you) I know I send 300 texts each night I know I always look to pick a fight And you said that I filled you with sheer fright (But I don’t wanna break up with you) But one of these days I’m sure you’ll change your mind If you don’t pick up, I’ll … Continue reading Taylor Swift “ME!” Parody