Photo Gallery: Shades of X Protest

Shades of X, a faculty affinity group, organized a protest on Xavier’s campus on June 12, to stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. Photo gallery by Joseph Cotton

Protest organizer and Shades of X member Anna Ghee addresses the crowd. “So why Xavier? This is our
community and Xavier’s values are our values,” Ghee said. “Solidarity and kinship call us to walk alongside each
other and learn from each other, and that is what we were doing symbolically. Those who are targets of racism were
standing together with those who are aspiring to join and be active in dismantling racism.”
Protest organizers call on people present to kneel, sit, or stand according to their ability for 8 minutes and 46
seconds. The same amount of time George Floyd had Officer Derek Chauvin’s knee pressed against his neck which
led to his death.
Center for Diversity and Inclusion Director and Shades of X member, Dr. Kyra Shahid, and her daughter stand with
a sign that reads. “Recognition is not repair. Black futures matter.”
“I believe that this is a critical moment where we are really defining what it means for us to be human, and what
love looks like,” Shahid said as she addressed the crowd. “Love is not just about saying that I love you. It’s about
doing the actions that let you know that I value, trust and respect you. As we say black lives matter, our actions have
to speak louder than our words.”
Katie Wenger and Troy Weathers, Two Clinical Psychology graduate students, stand next to victory parkway as cars
roll by after the protest with signs that read “All lives can’t matter until black lives matter” and “Black trauma
matters” respectively.
Shades of X, a faculty affinity group, organized a protest in after a week marred by racial tension sparked by the
death of George Floyd while he was being detained by Minneapolis police. Members of the Xavier community
begin to gather on the grass along Victory Parkway behind Hinkle Hall to stand in solidarity with Black Lives
Matter protesters across the country.