Photo-op: the Biden-Harris ticket

XU students shared their thoughts on Biden’s historic VP announcement

written by: joseph cotton

We asked students their thoughts on former Vice President Joe Biden’s choice of Senator Kamala Harris as his running mate in the 2020 presidential election. Here’s what they said.

“(The pick) is probably a smart move because of all the stuff happening in the U.S., including Black Lives Matter protests and COVID-19. I think it shows that (Biden) is involved with the things that are happening.”

Micheal Sullivan, Accounting, First-year.

“I wasn’t thrilled about the pick, but I know why he did it. I’m glad he picked a woman of color and I will still end up voting for him.”

Gabby Straub, German, First-year

“It’s a great idea for Joe Biden given that she is a woman of color. It’s good for people to have someone who represents them in their moral values and in the way she looks. She can be a great role model for people who look like her in their future success.”

Jeremy Blatt, Philosophy, Politics and the Public, Junior

“I believe she contributed a system of oppression by dehumanizing trans women in the prison system. I’m not a fan of her as a person, but I will still be voting for the Biden/Harris ticket because I don’t like Trump.”

Emily Hoose, chemistry, junior

“(Harris) was a pick that people expected. She was a frontrunner in a contested vice presidential race between at least three women. Harris’ experience as an attorney general will work for Democrats but not so much for progressives. She has a reputation for being harsh and tough on crime. I think (progressives) will get on board, but they won’t be happy.”

Andrew Geraghty, Philosophy, Politics and the Public, Junior