Week in Review: Fall Edition 9/3

Tiger balls, strategic monkey reserve and you cool cats and kittens

Hurricane Laura destroyed a  La. Confederate monument, prompting Twitter to thank the hurricane for its anti-racism (Aug. 27). 

A Thai zoo came under fire after a tourist posted a photo of herself squeezing a tiger’s testicles. Though zoo officials had consented to her entering the tiger cage, they have announced that visitors will no longer be able to touch the animal’s genitals (Aug. 30). 

A man in Britain grew the country’s largest-ever tomato using sheer pantyhose to support the gigantic fruit’s vines (Aug. 31). 

The U.S. is facing a monkey shortage. Though scientists have previously suggested a “strategic monkey reserve” and other policy changes, industry and academia are having difficulty acquiring monkeys for medical testing (Aug. 31).

The Biden-Harris campaign team has officially released virtual yard signs that players of Animal Crossing: New Horizons can put on their islands (Sep. 1). 

Uber customers who attempt to enter a vehicle without a mask will soon have to take a “mask selfie” every time they enter a new car (Sep. 1). 

A casket containing the heart of the former mayor of a Belgian city was discovered inside a fountain. Historians date the casket back to 1883 (Sep. 1). 

Carole Baskin, the big cat enthusiast and activist who became famous for her role in Netflix’s “Tiger King” documentary, has announced that she will be featured in the September 2020 cast of “Dancing With the Stars” (Sep. 2). 

Photo courtesy of bigcatrescue.org
Carole Baskin, best known for Tiger King , will soon dance competitively.