Quarantining could be worse

Students speak on experiences with TriHealth, contact tracing and faculty

Written by: Will rippey, staff writer
Photo courtesy of xavier.edu
XU’s COVID-19 Dashboard reports a total of 94 students who are quarantined while 31 are isolated. Pictured above, Manor House is one of the on-campus spaces designated for residential students awaiting test results. Experiences with Trihealth and contact tracing are largely favorable.

Five weeks into the semester, the university’s Testing, Treatment and Tracing Protocols have gone into full effect to combat COVID-19 cases within the Xavier community. 

As of Tuesday, there were reportedly seven students isolated on campus, 24 students isolated off campus and 2 university employees, all of whom tested positive for COVID-19, according to Xavier’s COVID-19 Dashboard. 

Students who come into close contact with individuals who test positive for COVID-19 or are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 are encouraged to seek testing at the Health United Building (the HUB), quarantine for 14 days and self-monitor symptoms.

Those members of the community who cannot return to their permanent residence are required to quarantine on or near campus. Students who live off campus remain at their residence, while on-campus students, such as first-year Emily Croft are moved to either Manor House, University Apartments or the nearby Hilton Garden Inn.

The COVID-19 Dashboard also reports that a total of 68 students are quarantined off-campus as they await test results or wait out their 14 days.  

Croft is one of 26 students quarantined on-campus and has had an overwhelmingly positive experience with Trihealth and Xavier’s contact tracers.

 “TriHealth has been really helpful and so has COVID-19 support (such as contact tracers). I’ve talked to them so many times and they’ve been so helpful to answer any of my questions about quarantine and knowing people who I was in contact with,” Croft said. “It’s just been really great. In all honesty, I don’t think I’ve had any issues with them.”

An anonymous student quarantined off-campus also commented on the efficiency of the HUB’s testing process, “I literally walked in the side door, got tested and then they’re like ‘You don’t have it, go home and don’t get it.’

On the flip side, some students have had less pleasant experiences. 

“I did feel a little judged, because I feel as though we were the first bigger group that started getting tested,” an anonymous senior who is quarantined off-campus shared. 

“I was tested later in the day, so by this time they’d already gotten a bunch of people calling them. I felt as though they thought that there was some big party or something like that… it was truly just because one of our roommates got it.” 

In addition to work by TriHealth, the efforts of faculty to keep quarantined students engaged was also praised by students who have been through quarantine. 

“Most of my professors were very on top of it, they recorded all the videos in case you were too sick to Zoom. Which didn’t actually happen (for me), but they were very happy to accommodate however I needed,” said the anonymous senior. 

Overall, the interviewed students remained optimistic about the remainder of the semester, which they attribute to the university’s contact tracing. 

 “I really do (think classes will remain in-person) because they’re very diligent and quick with the contact tracing,” Croft said in regard to remaining in person until the end of November. 

“It wasn’t an entire week (before they contacted me and my roommates to let us know we were close contacts) and I wasn’t out doing a ton of stuff before that,” she said. 

“They let us know that we were going to be put in quarantine and they’ve been very up to date with that and the COVID-19 dashboard, so I think if they continue  to do what they do… we’ll be able to make it to Thanksgiving.”

COVID-19 resources can be found on Xavier’s website under the COVID-19 Resource Center. 

Additionally, testing is available by appointment from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays at the HUB, call 513-745-3022. 

A TriHealth nurse line is available for those who experience an onset of symptoms outside of the HUB’s hours at 513-246-7023.