Clubs lead Voter registration blitz

College Republicans and Democrats inform students and push them to vote

written by: EMILY CROFT, guest writer
Photo courtesy of @xudems Instagram
Members of both College Democrats and College Republicans have been tabling to get students to the polls

The College  Republicans and College Democrats groups on campus are tabling to teach students how they can vote this year, whether that be through mail, on campus or at their home address. 

While the College Democrats and College Republicans have information to share, they are also able to answer any questions students may have, as this is a lot of students’ first time voting. 

Peter Korchak, president of the College Democrats, points out their motivation behind tabling. 

“Our goal is to make sure all Xavier students have the opportunity to be able to vote and make their voice heard,” Korchak said. 

In years past, it has been common for younger generations to skip out on voting. Both the College Democrats and Republicans at Xavier are working hard and together to see an​ improved voter turnout among young people in the 2020 election season​. 

Isabella Prolizo, President of College Republicans, discussed the importance of younger generations voting. 

“While it is a common belief that younger generations can’t make an impact due to the number of voters in the older generation, that is certainly not the case,” Prolizo said. “You could make a difference in this election one way or another, and by not voting, that’s also making a decision to influence the election.”

While COVID-19 has created complications for what voting will look like this year, it hasn’t stopped the clubs from doing everything they can to encourage students to register to vote.

 While they typically only table a week before the voter registration deadline, Korchak explains that they have begun much earlier this year, nearly three weeks before the deadline. 

While starting earlier has been an aid in informing students on how they can vote, there are some setbacks as well. 

Their tabling has been outdoors only, so issues like weather and foot traffic determine how many students they are able to reach in the days counting down to the registration deadline, Oct. 5. 

Even with these issues, both groups are proud of the work they have done and will continue  together to send the message that every vote counts, and that every student should be voting in November.

At the end of the day, both groups want to send the same message: get out and vote, rather than focusing on which party students affiliate with, the College Democrats and Republicans just want students to vote. 

Prolizo stresses the importance of our role as citizens to participate in voting every year and making it a habit. 

“You kind of have to figure out what kind of role you want to play in the next four years in our country,” Prolizo said.