Photo-op: Reading Rd. or Obama Ave.

written BY: CHARLIE GSTALDER, opinions and editorials editor
Brooke Antilla
Sophomore marketing major

“I think it’s kind of weird. I consider myself a Democrat. I liked Barack Obama. I just think that’s a little strange. I obviously wouldn’t be offended. I’m sure there are many people who would be, but I just think it’s kind of weird.”

Rue Crittenden
Junior social work major

“I think it is a way to undercut everything that Cincinnati has done and not actually talk about or have any conversation about all the police brutality. Instead you want to put a name of a former president as a road? Which also, only a road? That’s all we’re doing here? Like we don’t really care about anything? Because people are still going to call it Reading Road anyways, so it doesn’t even do much.”

Sierra Stennis 
Senior nursing major

“I think it’s just for show. I think it’s just for them to prove that they’re ‘on our side.’ Of all people you choose Obama because folks love him and they think they’re going to get more sympathy. I guess it’s a step in the right direction, but just do better.”

Cameron Lakes 
Senior criminal justice major

“I think that it’s a very performative action. It doesn’t really make sense; of all the names to choose, you chose Barack Obama, which seems like they didn’t really try. They could have picked any African American, any Black person, even ones in Cincinnati. What about Sam Dubois road? It just doesn’t seem very smart to me.” 

Libby Overfield 
Senior PPP and history double major

“I fully support it because I think President Barack Obama was a national hero so I think it’s great that Cincinnati wants to honor him.”